How do you figure the days supply for a liquid (syrup) medication?

120ML: 10ml every 8 hours how many days supply is that?

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Apr 21, 2017
Syrup Days Supply: Four Days of Medication
by: David

How much medication do we have? 120ML
How often is it given/taken? Every 8 hours (or three times daily, for the purposes of this problem.)
How much is the dose? 10ML

We start by figuring the total maximum amount of medication that can be given/taken in one day. We figure this by multiplying (How much is the dose?) 10ML BY (How often is it given/taken?) Three times daily = 30ML/DAY

Now we divide the total amount (How much medication do we have?) 120ML by (the maximum amount of medication given/taken in one day) 30ML/DAY which equals 4.

The answer is: 120ML of Cough Syrup, given/taken at 10ML every 8 hours will have a days supply of FOUR DAYS.

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