Hypertonic 3% Sodium Chloride Solution Question

Pulmonary Edema means

Pulmonary Edema means "Blood in the Lungs," which is a risk factor when infusing 3% Hypertonic NACL

A hypertonic 3% sodium chloride solution in 100 mL of 0.9% normal saline is required. How many mL of sodium chloride 23.4 % is required to be added?

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NO Sodium Chloride 23.4% is required to be added...
by: David

Hypertonic 3% Sodium Chloride solution in 100ml of 0.9% normal saline comes in a prepackaged product from the manufacturer. (FYI, Sodium Chloride = Normal Saline) It is called an Excel Container and it is nonpyrogenic and sterile. The 100ml container should be infused under careful, direct supervision/observation over an hour, with a maximum of 400mls infused over 24 hours. The medical staff should be watching out for the risk of the patient developing pulmonary edema, which should be avoided.

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