Intermittent IV Drug Volume Control Set Infusion Pharmacy Math Problem

by Sherri
(Raleigh NC)

Intermittent IV Drug Administration

Intermittent IV Drug Administration

(ordered) D5W at 30 mL/hr for continuous infusion with medication x 60 mg q6h to be infused over 20 minutes by volume control set

on hand: Medication x 60 mg/2 mL

How many mLs IV fluid do I add to chamber?
My textbook says the answer is 8 but I can't seem to get that number. What formula should I use or how did they come up with 8?

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Add 8ML to the Volume Control Set Chamber
by: David

Medication 60mg/2ml, infused with volume control set 60mg every 6 hours (q6h) over 20 minutes. Eight milliliters are added to the chamber to make one full days dose of medication (2ml X 4 doses (every 6 hours, X 4 doses = 24 hours) = 8ml)

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