Pharmacy Phone Messages / HIPAA Violations? Please Advise

by Bonni
(Minniapols, MN, USA)

Potential HIPAA Violation?

Potential HIPAA Violation? "Your RX is Ready"?

I have been in Pharmacy for 20 years, I have co-workers and RPHs that make and leave phone message like your Rx's are ready for pick-up on an answering machine or to another person, not the patient.

I have never done this, but is this not a violation of HIPPA law?

Could you please suggest a site or send me information about just Pharmacies and HIPPA laws?

I just think some RPHs and techs are stepping over some boundaries and I would like to educate others as well as myself if any HIPPA laws are being violated. Thank You,

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Nov 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

As long as they are not saying what medications are ready it is not a violation. It is common knowledge that people sometimes need to get medication but if no details are given then they are fine. I work for a large chain pharmacy and we habe an automated system that calls, texts, and even e-mails patients when their rxs aee ready but does not tell them what they are.

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