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The Tech Letter, Issue #003 -- Coping With Pharmacy Errors
March 08, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’d like to take the opportunity to let you know about a short new E-Book I’ve just finished writing.

It’s titled Coping With Pharmacy Errors, and subtitled: “Recovering And Learning from Medical Mistakes.”

I believe this inexpensive resource can positively impact your life. Every tech, myself included, has made mistakes at the pharmacy.

Across every industry, field, and trade, workers have the potential to make errors and mistakes. These errors vary in severity and scope of impact. Mistakes made in medicine however, are a bit different than other fields.

They are different because errors made in the medical field have the unique potential to negatively impact patients’ health, even to the point of death.

The way you deal with the mistakes you’ve made as a Tech can be healthy or can devastate you.

In this E-Book, I discuss how you can “Seek Assistance,” how “You Are NOT Alone,” and “How Medicine Has Failure Built In.” Lastly, I write about how Prevention is important, and how making a mistake can help you be on guard against making that same mistake again.

I hope you’ll consider purchasing this short E-Book.

It is available for instant download for a $1.49 Paypal payment.

Use the link below to head on over to my homepage now. The E-Book link is in the right column.

This information will help you in your job and will help you sort through your emotions after you’ve been involved in a medical error.

Thank you for subscribing to The Tech Letter.

Until next time,


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