Days Supply Question - Warfarin 5mg - 1 tab po qd except Mon. and Fri., Take 1/2 tab po on Mon & Fri

by Mili Swift
(Mcallen, Texas, USA)

Days Supply for the Blood-Thinner Drug Warfarin

Days Supply for the Blood-Thinner Drug Warfarin

How do you calculate the days supply for a Coumadin rx?

For example:

Coumadin 5mg

Sig: Take 1 po qd except mon. & fri. take 1/2 tab. #30

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Answer: #30 Warfarin Tablets will last 35 DAYS at these directions...
by: David

The best way to arrive at an answer for this question is to start with how many tablets will be used in 1 week, and then move on from there.

So the patient is taking 1 whole tablet on 5 total days each week, and taking 1/2 tab on 2 days each week. This second part: 1/2 tab on 2 days/week = 1 tablet/2 days.

Add them together, 5 tablets (5 days) PLUS 1 tablet (2 days) EQUALS 6 Tablets in 7 days.

The above question includes the fact that there is #30 tablets. We divide 6 tablets (which will each last 7 days) into 30 total tablets, and we come up with 5.

So now, we multiply 5 times 7, and we come up with 35.

#30 Warfarin (Coumadin) tablets, with DIRECTIONS of 1 whole tablet by mouth 5 times weekly and 1/2 tablet by mouth twice weekly,

WILL LAST a total of 35 DAYS.

Days Supply for warfarin = 35 Days in this Example
by: David

1 tab qd except monday and friday. (5 tabs)
1/2 tab on monday and friday (2 half tabs = 1 tab)
So 6 tabs lasts 7 days.

#30 tabs will last 5 weeks (6/30=5)

5x7=35 days

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