HIPAA Violation? Wife Humiliated by Pharmacist in front of many Customers

by Rob

Public Shaming - Wife Humiliated by Pharmacist

Public Shaming - Wife Humiliated by Pharmacist

My wife went to a pharmacy to get her prescription filled and she has in the past month changed her medication due to being pregnant. The pharmacist did not fill the correct prescription but something similar. My wife explained to him that she was pregnant and the Dr. had given her this certain med due to the fact. In front of techs and other customers, he said: "Why do you like this form of the medicine, does it make you high?" Then he started talking about the drug's name in front of all these witnesses and formed an opinion that my wife was a drug seeker we assume. So after several times of loudly saying her drug's name out loud, he goes and calls her Dr. without the knowledge of my wife. To make a long story short he filled what the script pad had on it originally and my wife told him she would be putting in a complaint. She called her Dr. on the way home and he said it was a definite HIPPA violation. I just think these pharmacists think they are Drs when in reality they are there to fill what a Dr. prescribes you, no matter how many times it is a month or the reason. They do have the right to inform you the dangers of the drug interactions but most of them go too far and I believe they are scorn want to be Drs that try their best to put their opinion where it doesn't belong. He not only broke HIPPA rules but humiliated my wife when all he had to do is fill the script!!! Please advise.

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Oct 15, 2020
Same thing happened to me today
by: Anonymous

I went to pick up a prescription and the pharmacist started berating me inside of the entire store was giving out the name of my medication and how I cannot sell it at the same store at a different location even know I was called numerous times that it was fine. I don’t even know how to react but I am going to call The pharmacy manager tomorrow and see what they say and then I will contact a HIPAA compliance officer & cooperate as well. They have a small room they give vaccines but she had to come at me like a pit bull. Stating I can no longer fill this medication there any longer. It is not even a controlled medication. I don’t understand. I filled it a week early bc I was going outta town & that state will not transfer it there. Plus I paid cash for it. She was way outta line and now she is going to reap the rewards. Now I’m worried they’re going to give me problems with my other rxs.

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