How long should these last?

by Lily
(Georgia )

If I have 135 pills and I take 1.5 every 4 hours,how much days supply is that?

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Jan 28, 2021
It depends
by: David

The days supply depends on several factors. First, days supply is generated by taking the number of pills you take each day, or the maximum you would take each day, and dividing that number into the quantity of medication dispensed.

In this case, you have 135 pills. Your directions are to take 1.5 pills every 4 hours routine. So another factor is this: how long do you sleep? and is the days supply calculated and based on you waking up to administer your routine dose every 4 hours?

If we were to calculate the days supply strictly based on the directions alone and not consider the fact that you may or might not need to wake up to take your scheduled dose, we can figure that out.

1.5 times 6 (there are 6 times each day at the "every 4 hours" interval in 24 hours) = 9.

Therefore, you are taking a total of 9 whole tablets each day or 24 hours.

Now we take 135 divided by 9 and we come up with 15. So in the strictest sense of calculating days supply, your prescription of 135 pills will last you 15 days and would hopefully be billed to your insurance as such.

However, it would be good to check with the source-that is to check with the pharmacy that dispensed your prescription so that you have the most accurate information as to how they have calculated the days supply.

Lily, thank you for question!

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