Pills - The Day that a Medication can be filled early depends on a number of factors...

Pills - The Day that a Medication can be filled early depends on a number of factors...

My pharmacy tells me I can get it 3 days early but then they wont fill it but 2 days early. Is the law on Xanax 2 or 3 days ?


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The Short Answer To Your Question is: It Depends
by: David

In this instance, if you are using your insurance, there may be stipulations that the insurance company has in place for how soon they will allow a refill or renewed prescription to be covered through them and the claim paid for.

Usually, the range is from somewhere between 70%-90% of the medication being used up. However, this can vary widely based on different factors and across different PBM's and different insurances.

What that means, is if you have a 30 days supply of medication, you'd have to figure it out and do the math.

Example :
In a hypothetical example, your rx is for 1 tablet po tid, (One tablet by mouth three times daily, (scheduled,)) #90.

In this case, the rx is filled for a 30 days supply. In this case, according to this 70-90% range, 30X.7=21 days and 30X.9=27 days.

So, in this example, according to the 70-90% "rule", after 21 days after the rx was last filled (not picked up--FILLED) and usually before 27 days after it was filled; it can be either refilled or renewed or a new rx can be covered.

To translate that into how many pills would be left, if taking them as prescribed, at 90%, you would have 9 pills left and at 70% you would have 27 pills left.

However, there is something called a CUMULATIVE REFILL TOO SOON REJECTION. I have seen this during my time working for a retail pharmacy. If you come in and you get your prescription at the earliest the insurance will allow EVERY month, month after month, you may get to a point where the insurance will block you from getting it until after a certain date. This date would not be later than after all of your cumulative fills (and cumulative days supply (all of the rxs fills) would be, added up.

The insurance company would not want you to be in a situation where, if taking medication as prescribed by your doctor, you would run out of your medication before they would cover your rx. That would probably not lead to a positive medical outcome, and would probably lead to a certain level of distress, discomfort, and/or a negative medical outcome.

So, coming back to where we started with your question, and when you can get your rx filled, is: IT DEPENDS. It depends on how much your previous rx is left, it depends on whether or not you have been taking your rx as prescribed, it depends on if there were any dosage changes, it depends on your insurance company's policies on when you can get your meds refilled/filled, it depends if you are in a "cumulative refill too soon" type of situation, and on and on.

Hope this helps answer your question!

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