Question About IV Compounding with NaCl & Board Exam Practice Question

by Andy

Stumped on Board Exam Practice Question...

Stumped on Board Exam Practice Question...

I'm practicing for my board exam, and I'm stumped on this particular practice question:

A patient needs IV infusion of 0.9% NaCl. You have water for injection and 4.5%w/v stock solution of NaCl. There are no displacement volume effects. How much of the 4.5% w/v needs to be added to a 1L WFI bag to produce the desired concentration?

I've tried alligation and the (IS)(IV)=(FS)(FV) methods, and both times I've come to 200 mL of the 4.5%w/v solution. However, that is not one of the choices available. Am I doing something wrong in my calculations?

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