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2 tablets 4 times a day for 30 day supply. 26 per bottle.

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You are exactly correct and Here is another way to explain it:
by: Anonymous

2 tabs x 4x/day= 8 pills a day. 8 pills x 30day supply= 240 pills, altogether. 240 pills divided by 26 pills a bottle = 9.23... 26 pills per bottle x 9 bottles = 234 pills (234 + 6 = 240). In the end, 9 bottles with 26 pills and 6 pills in the final bottle (10 bottles for a 30 day supply).


by: David

While I don't see a question here, only some facts, I'll do my best to make a question out of some facts. 2 tablets PO 4x/day for a 30 days supply. So with those directions, 240 tablets would be needed to fill a 30-days supply prescription. If there are 26 per bottle, the next logical question would be, how many bottles will it take to fill a 30-days supply prescription?

240 divided by 26 is a total of 10 bottles, to cover the entire prescription, with 20 pills left in the final bottle.

Thank you for the question!

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