SQ Injectable Insulin Days Supply Question: 200 Units/ML

by Insulin Dependent Diabetic

Insulin Pen Injections for Diabetics

Insulin Pen Injections for Diabetics

200units/ ml there's 9mls of insulin and you inject 8 units every day. How many days is it?

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Jan 16, 2018
Most likely, your insulin will last you 8 weeks... Read on...
by: David

There are at least 2 types of insulin that are 200 units/ml. One is Tresiba® and the other is Humalog® Kwikpens.

In order to calculate days supply of insulin, the first thing to do is to total up the number of units.

We do this by taking the total amount of MLs - 9ML and we multiply this by 200 units (200 units per ML) and we come up with 1800 total units. From here, we divide the number of units used per day.

In this case, it is 9 units injected daily. So for the "technical" days supply, we would have 1800 divided by 8 = 225 days.

However, most, if not all (refrigerated) insulin has a beyond used date after the package is opened.

According to their website, "Tresiba® has the longest in-use time of any once-daily, long-acting basal insulin." A package of 3 X 3ML Tresiba® pens will last 8 weeks, which is two weeks longer than insulin glargine U-300 and four weeks longer than insulin glargine U-100.

So, long story short, your 200 Units/1ml insulin, if it is Tresiba®, will have a days supply of 8 weeks from when you first use it.

Thank you for your question!

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