What is day supply take 1 tab on tues and thurs with 30 tabs

by Scherazade
(United states)

Days Supply for 2 tablets weekly #30?

Days Supply for 2 tablets weekly #30?

What is day supply if I take 1 tablet on Tuesday and Thursday with a quantity of 30 tabs?

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Dec 04, 2018
The Days Supply in this Question is 105.
by: David

This is a great question, Scherazade!

Let's break this down into manageable parts.

First, you are taking 2 tablets per week.

So we can safely divide #30 quantity by 2 tablets/week.

This results in 15. So then we can multiply 15 by 7 which equals 105 days.

15x7 = (7x10) + (7x5) = 105 days supply.


Figuring Days Supply is done on EVERY prescription by a technician, countless times every day. It is one that will definitely come with continued repetition. And speed will come as well, with calculating it so much, day in and day out. It ALWAYS needs to be done. Insurance and Third Party plans require it for proper and timely payment. If it is not done with the utmost precision and accuracy, then it may likely be flagged by the PBM/Insurance/Third Party, and an AUDIT will be triggered.

Trust me, your supervisor, your pharmacists, your managers, and your regional pharmacist manager WILL NOT like this. You will not like this.

If an audit happens, and it is found that the Days Supply is erroneous, the RESULT of the audit may be that the Insurance company, etc. will not cover the claim. If the Insurance company has already paid (or provided REIMBURSEMENT) for their portion of the covered medication or product, they may demand that payment returned to them as soon as possible.

So, believe me when I say this, "You don't want to have the prescriptions you have entered audited. So, in light of this, please, master the science and math of how to figure days supply! It is an essential and very important skill. Every technician in the pharmacy field needs to have a solid handle on it."

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