Licensed Pharmacy Technician

by Julius Aganon
(Los Angeles, California)

I am a licensed Pharmacy Technician here in Los Angeles, California. My license is up for renewal until the end of the month of June 2011. Since I am going to move to Phoenix, Arizona on July of 2011, I am not planning to renew. What are the requirements for me to be able to work as a Pharmacy Tech in Arizona? Please let me know. Thank You, Julius Aganon

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Arizona Board of Pharmacy Requirements for New Technicians
by: David Shedd

The AZ Board of Pharmacy requires new technicians to submit a copy of their birth certificate as well as their PCTB certification. The fee is $46 for two years and they will prorate that -- the Board can be contacted for the current fee. You can download a couple PDF documents from Arizona Board of Pharmacy including a pharmacy technician application, a document about the application process, and a renewal form for the future. You can even apply for your license online right there at their website. Just click on the "Technicians" tab. Hope this helps!

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