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    120 no 10ml every 8 hours how many days supply is that?

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    Premium PharmTech Content Package

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  5. Days Supply

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  9. What do DPC and RACKS mean at Rite Aid?

    I'm working with Rite Aid in the pharmacy and they couldn't tell me what DPC stands for in their Nexgen program, also I need to know what RACKS means.

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  10. pharmacy tech

    How do u calculate day supply for coumadin rx example coumadin 5mg take 1 po qd except mon. & fri. take 1/2 tab. #30

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  11. 1/3 NS prepared from 23.4% NS: How much mL of NS and SWI?

    A liter of 1/3 NS is to be prepared from 23.4% concentrated sodium chloride solution and sterile water for injection. How many mL of each are to be used?

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  12. Ratio/Concentration: 983mg in 250ml bag - 783mg is needed, how much volume do I remove?

    I have 983mg in a 250 ml bag I need 783mg how much volume do I remove?

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  13. Hospital Pharmacy Technician

    Example 1: A 17 year old male, hospitalized with a diagnosis that my son dealt with 4 years ago. I make the comment, poor guy, my son went through that.

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  14. Day Supply: Take 1 tab TID #100

    Take 1 tab tid dispense #100 Refills 2

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  15. ratio, stock, stock solution

    How much of a 1:1000 stock is needed to make 360 ml of a 1:2400 solution?

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  16. Percentage Strength Volume in Volume Dilution Pharmacy Math Question

    I am a math idiot and I'm sure this is probably an easy question but here it is. What is the percent strength of a solution that is made by adding 200mL

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  17. Best Practices For The Assertive Pharm Tech E-Book

    Best Practices For The Assertive Pharm Tech E-Book

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  18. Proportion Pharmacy Math Question using 70% Dextrose and Tic-Tac-Toe Board

    You need 50 mL of 5% dextrose for a patient. You have 70% dextrose 1000 mL on hand. How much concentrate will you need? How much diluent?

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  19. How Many MLs of Diluent Needed in this Question?

    You have been asked to prepare 20 mL of a drug dilution of 50 mg/mL from a stock solution of 2 g/5 mL. How many milliliters of diluent will be needed?

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  20. Ratio/Dilution Question: Order for 380ml of 0.5% dextrose and sterile water

    You receive an order for 380 ml of 0.5% dextrose solution. You have 1500 L of 5% dextrose solution, how much of the 5% solution and sterile water will

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  21. A Suspension contains 2400mg of Drug in 1000ml. Final Product Volume?

    A suspension contains 2400 mg of active drug in 1000 ml. What is the percentage of drug in the final product?

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    3 pints = how many fluid ounces?

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  23. Dog Food - Kibbles to Bits Ratio - Alligation Question

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    How many 500mg metronidazole tablets will be needed to compound the following prescription for a patient: metronidazole 3%, suspending agent 30%, simple

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  25. Digoxin for rapid digialization

    The usual dose of Digoxin for rapid digitalization is a total of 1.0 mg divided into 2 or more doses at intervals of 6 to 8 hours. How many milliliters

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  26. IV Question on Nitroprusside 50mg in 250ml of D5W

    Medication: Nitroprusside 50mg in 250mL D5W Dose: 5mcg/kg/min Patient weight: 143lb A: How many milliliters per hour? B: How many milligrams per

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  27. Digoxin for Digitalization

    Questions about Digoxin for Digitalization

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  28. IV Question on Concentration of Solution of Nipride 50 mg

    A 60 yr old woman has hypertension. Her weight is 165 lbs and her doctor prescribed Nipride 3mcg/kg/min IV. Nipride 50 mg is added to a 250 ml solution

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  29. Question about Tobramycin 20mg Antibiotic Saline Solution IV

    A doctor writes a prescription for 20mg of tobramycin antibotic saline solution. The soulution is to be injected intravenously one time a day; on hand

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  30. Low-Cost Pharmacy Ebooks

    This page lists some Low-Cost Pharmacy Ebooks for visitors to

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  31. What Should Be the Directions On The Label: Keflex 1/2 tsp qid x10 days

    keflex 250mg per 5ml 1/2 tsp qid x 10 days

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  32. How much Ferrous Sulfate 220mg/5mg equals Ferrous Sulfate 500mg?

    The physician orders Ferrous Sulfate 500 mg po qd x 30 days. You have on the shelf Ferrous Sulfate 220 mg/5 ml, 473ml. How many mls are required for one

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  33. Alligation: Coal Tar 5% Ointment 120grams from Coal Tar 10% and Coal Tar 2%

    Rx is for coal tar 5% ointment- 120 grams. You have coal tar 10% ointment and coal tar 2 % ointment. How many grams of each will you use?

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  34. Intermittent IV Drug Volume Control Set Infusion Pharmacy Math Problem

    (ordered) D5W at 30 mL/hr for continuous infusion with medication x 60 mg q6h to be infused over 20 minutes by volume control set on hand: Medication

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  35. Dr. to Write "Dispense As Written" on Rx

    Why doses Medicaid require dispense as written on the prescription for a generic medication? I sent a patient out with a prescription for a generic medication.

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  36. Certification in Canada

    If someone is a Certified Pharmacy Technician in the United States, can they be certified to work in Canada?

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Recent Articles

  1. How do you figure the days supply for a liquid (syrup) medication?

    Apr 21, 17 09:18 PM

    120ML: 10ml every 8 hours how many days supply is that?

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  2. Day Supply Question: 3/4 tablet every 6 hours-#35

    Apr 16, 17 10:32 PM

    3/4 of a tablet every 6 hours with #35 quantity is how many days worth?

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  3. Syurp

    Apr 16, 17 10:14 PM

    120 no 10ml every 8 hours how many days supply is that?

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