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  1. Offers Information and Resources for Pharmacy Techs offers resources and information for Pharmacy Technicians.

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  2. IV Compounding Pharmacy Technician

    IV Compounding Pharmacy Technician: What they do, where they work, and what aseptic technique is.

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  3. How does Canada Certify Pharmacy Technicians?

    If you are PTCB certified in the US is it recognized in Canada? Answer: Canada has their own certification/testing organization and process for pharmacy

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  4. Days Supply

    This page discusses how to calculate Days Supply for Pharmacy Technicians. You divide the maximum amount of medication used daily by the total amount of medication.

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  5. Change of Employment and Notifying the Board of Pharmacy

    What do I do when I terminate with one pharmacy and beging working at another pharmacy? How do I get registered with the Board with my new pharmacy? Answer:

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  6. question on assignment

    I am trying to identify errors in aseptic techniques assignment. She piled several syringes and needles in the hood as well as several vials of various

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  7. Victoza Quantity for 90 Days?


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  8. Pharmacy Technician Settings

    Pharmacy Technician Settings - Discover the many settings Techs are employed in.

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  9. A Question About Being a Licensed Pharmacy Technician.

    I want to be a pharmacy technician. I have a medical background and training. Do I have to take the pharmacy technician course in order to take the certification

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  10. Prescription Insurance Question from Pharmacy Tech Student

    What ar the most common problems with claims being rejected in a pharmacy setting? Answer: -Filled After Coverage Terminated (Customer no longer has

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  11. Needles and Compounding

    My work was genius enough to give a new hire authority in the IV Room, with no prior hospital experience whatsoever. Along with this we hired 5 new technicians

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  12. Medicaid, Chargebacks, and Geodon DAW 2

    A doctor wrote a script for Geodon but did not specify brand medically necessary. The patient has requested brand and has been on brand for some time.

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  13. Dispense As Written Codes Explained

    The topic of this page is Dispense As Written Codes. What are they? And why are they important?

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  14. The FDA and Drug Development in the United States

    This page discusses Drug Development in the United States and the role of the FDA.

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  15. Cefazolin Dilution Pharmacy Math Question

    Prepare 15 mL of a 50 mg/mL cefazolin dilution from a stock of 1 g/5 mL. How many milliliters of diluent and stock solution will be needed? I am having

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  16. brand medically necessary

    Our pharmacy is requiring us to fax doctors asking them to prescribe lipitor as brand medically necessary so that we will get full reimbursement from the

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  17. What is OU? & Eye Pain Meds?

    What does OU stand for? and What is the Best Eye Pain Med?

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  18. Volume/Volume Compounding - Solution Alligation Question

    Prepare 480mL of a 1:30 solution using a 1:10 solution and a 1:50 solution. How many mL of each solution is needed?

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  19. Coumadin 7.5mg: What is the Dosage with Coumadin 5mg Tablets?

    I have an order for Coumadin 7.5 mg po qd and I have a supply of Coumadin 5mg tablets. What is the dosage?? Answer: The dosage is 1 & 1/2 of the 5mg

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  20. Question about Patient Consent and Potential HIPPA Violation With Insurance

    Do you have to give consent for the pharmacy to provide your information, or a prescription, to your insurance company? If the pharmacy faxes the prescription

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  21. IV Compounding Needles

    IV Compounding Needles - Syringes, Lumen, Needle Gauges, and More

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  22. How much dextrose would be in 100 ml of water of D50W?

    D5W is 5% dextrose in water NS is normal saline which is 0.9% sodium chloride in water These are just two of the types of IVs you may get when you go

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  23. Daily Maintenance fluid needs for pediatrics (Holiday-Segar method- long version)

    Calculate the total volume and hourly IV flow rate for a 3500 g infant receiving maintenance fluids.Infuse __________mL at ____mL/hr. I've converted 3500

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  24. Calculating IV drug infusion using Volume ctrl set (pediatric)

    I can't seem to figure out how much IV fluid (mL) to add to the chamber. Ordered: D5 0.33% NaCl IV at 66 mL/hr with Fortaz 720 mg IV q8h to be infused

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  25. What are the Two Legal Classifications of Medication?

    What are two broad legal classifications of medications in community(retail) pharmacy? ANSWER from PTR: In the US, there are only two legal classifications

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  26. Pharmacy Math Question about 10% w/v Dextrose Solution

    How many gram of Dextrose are contained in 30ml of a 10% w/v Dextrose solution?

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  27. How many grams of Antipyrine should be used in this Pharmacy Math Problem?

    Rx: Antipyrine 5% Glycerin ad 60 ml Sig: gtt v in right ear tid How many grams of antipyrine should be used in preparing the prescription?

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  28. How to Understand Pharmacy Math Calculations?

    What is a way to really understand math calculations for someone who struggles with it?

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  29. Prescription Forgeries

    Prescription Forgeries: Who can write Prescriptions? Why do forgeries happen? Types of Forgery, Triplicate Prescriptions, and more.

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  30. Antibiotic IV Compounding Math Questions

    A pharmacist dilutes a vial containing 1g of antibiotic with 10 ml of water. The solution is then added to 100 ml of D5W. What is the concentration, in

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  31. ncpt pharmacy technician

    I am trying to find out the CE requirements for renewing my Arizona State license. It is due in October and it varies from the national requirements for

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  32. Out of practice for a while...

    I currently posess state and national cpht certifications, and haven't worked in the field in about 4 years. Although I have remained in the medical field

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  33. Prescription expiration

    From what date is a prescription valid? The date it is written or the date it is entered into the computer? Answer: The date the prescriber writes on

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  35. Pharmacy Tech CE

    I want to keep my PT Tech license current even if I am not working in the field in case I have an opportunity in the future to pursue. I want to know if

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  36. Narcotics in the office setting

    What are the regulations and compliance requirements for dispensing narcotics in the office setting?

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