1 tablet as needed every 12 hours for 30 days, QTY 60

what is the quantity and days supply?

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Sep 01, 2022
Good Luck! NEW

12hrs x 2 = 24hrs in a day
2 divided by 30 days = 15 days
15 days divided by 60 tabs = 4 days supply is the answer

Mar 02, 2022
It Depends
by: David

The answer to this question depends on several factors, which were not listed here.

Does the medical prescriber intend that the prescription will last a certain time?

Is the medication a narcotic, a controlled substance?

What are the manufacturers recommended directions as to the dosing and their recommendations to how it should be prescribed?

What are the federal and state laws that the pharmacy and the doctor must abide by when prescribing or dispensing this medication?

Is this medication a medication that can be abused, and is it addictive?

All of these questions and more would need to be answered in order for me to adequately answer this question.

So I would definitely say that more context is needed in order to answer this question.

Also, what medication are we talking about here? Is it something like Ibuprofen 600mg? or something like Oxycodone? It makes a big difference if we are talking about one or the other.

So, again, I would need to know more specifics about what the medication that is being prescribed is, what the doctor intended the directions to be, and what the medical literature states about how and when this medication can and should be given/taken. And we also need to know the federal and state laws that would guide this conversation as well.

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