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  1. Half a tablet for 7 days then 1 every once daily, what is the days supply for 30 tablets?

    What is the day supply for 30 tablets if the direction is a half tablets For 7 days then 1 once daily

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  2. When a script is written for xanax, and it says Take 1 to 2 tablets by mouth as needed and the count is for 45 pills who decides if it is a month supply, the Dr. or pharmacist?

    and it says Take 1 to 2 tablets by mouth as needed and the count is for 45 pills who decides if it is a month supply,the Dr or pharmacist

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  3. 2 tablets, 2X per day with a 90 day supply needed

    How many tablets should you dispense

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  4. Menactra for Adults

    I am an Asplinic 72 year old male with a kidney transplant and on immunosuppressants. According to CDC and Alabama Public Health I should receive Menactra

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  5. filling fiorecet with codiene 2 days early

    is it legal to get my fiorecet with codeine filled 2 days early because we have to go out of town for funeral for a week

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  6. Explain how NSAIDs, corticosteroids and antirheumatic agents assist with RA.

    How do NSAIDs, corticosteroids, and antirheumatic agents assist with RA?

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  7. Compound for Lidocaine 3% in 120ML Calamine Lotion-How many milligrams of lidocaine powder must be added to the calamine lotion?

    A physician has requested a compound for lidocaine 3% in 120mL calamine lotion. How many miligrams of lidocaine powder must be added to the calamine lotion

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  8. Pharmacy calculations

    The prescriber orders heparin sodium injection 10,000 units subcut: however, the dose on hand is 20,000 units/ml. What amount should be given?

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  9. Xanax Filled on February 23rd

    I had my prescription for 90 Xanax 1 Tablet 3X Daily filled February 23rd When is the earliest date for my refill?

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  10. What is the Total Quantity of a penicillin suspension 250mg/5ml 10ml QID?

    penicillin susp. 250mg/5 ml 10 ml 4 times a day

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