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This page covers Pharmacy Technician Certification Test Preparation.

This page discusses suggested Pharmacy Technician Certification Test Preparation books and concludes with a recommended study strategy.

Studying and preparing to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam is difficult.

There is a lot of technical data to study, Math and Calculations you need to understand, Drug Information and Interactions, and regulatory data that you need to understand and apply every time to avoid a fine or even criminal prosecution.

No other field combines all these different fields of study in quite the same way.

And every piece of information is absolutely critical, to ensure the health and safety of people relying on you to fill prescriptions and help them get healthy.

There are lots of books and courses designed to help you study for the certification exam.

We'll take a quick look at 5 different study books and discuss the pros and cons of each so you can make educated choices about preparing to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician. At the time of writing, all of these materials were available from

Pocket Guide for Pharmacy Technicians by Jahangir Moini (Paperback):

This is a 592 page paperback that is pocket-sized and meant to be carried with you.

Dr. Moini has an extensive background in medical education, and is also a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

This unique perspective and understanding allowed him to write an excellent resource for anyone who works in a pharmacy.

Using this book as a daily reference guide will make studying and preparing for the PTCE much easier.

This book is an excellent reference for new Pharmacy Technicians and should be purchased by anyone new to the pharmacy field.

Daily use of this as you go about your pharmacy tasks will provide you with a solid base of knowledge, and make studying for and passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam much easier.

This book is an excellent value on its own and the added value as a daily, hands-on study guide is unsurpassed.

The Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Technician Workbook and Certification Review (American Pharmacists Association Basic Pharmacy and Pharmacology Series) by Press Perspective:

These two books are meant to be used together. The Pharmacy Technician has the information and raw data you'll need to know. Pharmacy Technician Workbook is a standard workbook, using review questions, study guides, and practice tests to ensure you actually know what you just read.

These two books are prepared, updated and published annually by the American Pharmacists Association.

The reference book is 532 pages of information you'll need to know, and the workbook is 240 pages designed to help you review the information and ensure you understand and can apply what you just learned.

When bundled together, these two books are an extremely comprehensive study and review guide to prepare you for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam.

These two books cover all aspects of information you'll need to know to pass the PTCE, from technical data to math to regulatory information.

It will also cover areas you may have skipped over or not realized would be covered on the exam. This bundle should be purchased and used by everyone who plans to take the PTCE and become a certified pharmacy technician.

Other books can be used to address specific weak areas of knowledge, but these two books are a must-have for every pharmacy tech.

Tech Lectures for the Pharmacy Technician - Review for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (Spiral-bound) by CPhT Joe Medina:

This is a relatively new book in this market. The author is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and has made a solid effort to ensure his book is thorough.

This is another excellent resource for preparing to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Mr. Medina has studied the PTCE extensively, and designed this book to prepare students specifically for it. As a CPhT, he knows exactly what is on the test, and exactly what you need to study to pass it.

Concise Review for the PTCB Exam [Paperback] by Christopher Ardoin and Brian Tuschl:

This 196 page book is described as a concise review of all the information covered on the PTCE.

If you've purchased and been working through the books recommended above, then this book has two things that may appeal to you.

First, is has 750 practice questions. If you're nervous and want to take more practice tests, this is the book for you.

The other useful part is the math section. This book has an excellent math section to help you with calculations you'll need to know for the PTCE.

So if you want more practice questions or need extra help with math, then buy this book.

Reference Guide for Pharmacy Technician Exam, Revised Edition (PTCE) by Manan Shroff:

This book is 183 pages and has an extensive section on drugs. This book should be considered as a supplemental reference book.

It is not informative enough on its own to be a stand-alone study guide for the PTCE.

The drug information is extremely detailed, so if you feel that you need to know more about generic/brand name drugs and different drug categories, this book can certainly help fill in that information.

Study Srategy

Now that you're familiar with some of the most popular options to study for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, let's talk strategy.

The first book mentioned (Pocket Guide for Pharmacy Technicians) is something you should buy as soon as you know you're going to take the PTCE sometime.

Even if you feel like you're months away from it, buy that book first.

Use it daily as a reference, and you'll start to get more and more comfortable with the information.

Once you're comfortable using the Pocket Guide as a reference, it's time to buy The Pharmacy Technician and the Pharmacy Technician Workbook. Buy them both, they're meant to be used together.

Taking the PTCE is expensive and you have to pay again to retake it if you fail.

Every book you buy can be re-sold after you pass the PTCE, so now is not the time to try and save some money. Buy those two books and study, study, study.

Once you've gone through the Workbook, you should have a very good idea how well prepared you are.

After you've made it through the Workbook, it's time to buy Tech Lectures for the Pharmacy Technician.

You could purchase this at the same time you buy the two book bundle, or wait until after. Either way works, that's up to you and your budget.

The two book bundle will certainly have plenty of information to keep you busy. Either way, I definitely recommend purchasing this book also.

Read through it, and you should have all the information and preparation you need to pass the PTCE now.

If you still don't feel comfortable enough to take the exam, look at the last two books listed above.

The Concise Review has lots of practice questions, and an excellent math/calculation section. If you need more general drug information still, buy the Reference Guide for the Pharmacy Technician Exam.

Good luck with your preparation for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. By following this study program, you can look forward to passing it on the first attempt.

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