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Maintaining personal wellness is important in your work. Working as a pharmacy technician at times can be very stressful.

You have a great responsibility in your job to fill prescriptions accurately.

Yes, we both know that the pharmacist has the final check on our work.

But we both know that errors can easily be madeā€¦ and sometimes are made.

This can make you question your ability to do your job. How well do you deal with the workplace stress you are under?

What are some ways you can deal with workplace stress? Here is a list to get you started. You may also want to add your own ideas.

-Take a walk.

-Maintain an exercise routine.

-Practice breathing exercises.

-Use positive affirmations.

-Make a habit to talk to friends and loved ones regularly about the stress in your job.

-If necessary, retain the services of a professional counselor.

-Maintain some hobbies or interests that have nothing to do with your work as a pharmacy technician. Or, start a new hobby or creative/artistic pursuit.

-Talk with supportive coworkers about the stress you are under.

-Consider beginning a martial arts or yoga class.

-Take a weekend getaway with your spouse (without the kids!)

-Listen to your favorite music.

-Play some board or card games with your friends or family.

-Take vitamins to bolster your immune system. -Get a massage.

-Practice good sleep hygiene.

-Watch a funny movie.

-Eat healthy foods (lots of fruits and vegetables.)

-Limit your alcohol consumption.

-Maintain a positive mental attitude.

Maintaining a positive mental attitude is key to a stress-free life as a pharmacy technician. While it is often underestimated, simply having a positive attitude can keep you calm and collected in the workplace.

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