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Maintaining personal wellness is important as we face various challenges working in the pharmacy field.  Pharmacy technicians can face very stressful situations, both internally from your employer or managers and externally, from customers or other interested parties.

You have a great responsibility to fill prescriptions accurately.  This duty is one that should not be taken lightly.

Yes, we both know that the pharmacist has the final check on our work.

But we both know that errors can easily be madeā€¦ and sometimes are made.  You need to stay mentally healthy so that you can continue to assist your customers in maintaining their health and getting healthier.

Making mistakes may cause you to question your ability to do your job. How well do you deal with the workplace stress you are under?  What is your ability to "bounce back" from difficult situations?  What is your self-talk like, and is it helping you or hurting you?

What are some ways you can deal with workplace stress and stay personally well? Here is a list to get you started. You may also want to add your own ideas.

A Portfolio of Tools for Personal Wellness as a Pharmacy Technician:

-Take a walk.  Walking outside can help you clear your head.  Sometimes physically getting away from your work area for a few minutes can have a beneficial effect on your outlook.

-Maintain an exercise routine.  Staying fit or working to get into better physical shape will help you feel and look better.  Exercise helps you build stamina and endurance.

-Practice breathing exercises.  There are a wide variety of breathing exercises to choose from.  Some people find that guided meditation helps them feel centered.  Try several different breathing exercises and maybe you will find one that you like.  Focusing on your breathing helps you become more in tune with your body and can have health benefits.

-Use positive affirmations.  Our self-talk can make us or break us.  Positive affirmations, when repeated consistently, can help "reprogram our cognitive software" (our minds).  Try to be kind and gentle with yourself, the same way you would treat a close friend that you care about.  Believe in yourself, trust yourself, and try to improve your self-talk.  As you do this, adding positive affirmations can help improve your attitude and decrease internal negative dialog.

-Make a habit to talk to friends and loved ones regularly about the stress in your job.  Maintaining a circle of trusted friends takes time and energy.  Maybe it is difficult with your time-starved life to make time for nurturing relationships.  But the power of close, safe, and approving friends cannot be overstated.  Carve out regular time to spend with the people you care about.  Work on being a trustworthy friend.  As you disclose your thoughts and emotions related to your workplace stress, your friends can empathize and sympathize with you.  As this happens, the negative impact of the stress is lessened and you are able to process the negative events. 

-If necessary, retain the services of a professional counselor.  Some situations warrant the help of a therapist.  Professional therapists are confidential and are trained to help you get to the root of psychological, relational, marital or social problems that may be causing you distress.  Many people have found significant, positive results from utilizing the services of those trained in the field of psychology.   

-Maintain some hobbies or interests that have nothing to do with your work as a pharmacy technician. Or, start a new hobby or creative/artistic pursuit.  Writing, photography, sailing, dancing, drawing, painting, swimming, boating, hiking, camping, the list goes on and on.  These types of things make you more interesting and can help take your mind of the stress of your job.  

-Talk with supportive coworkers about the stress you are under.  Sometimes your fellow employees end up sharing a bond that lasts for many years.  Being placed under the same environmental stress can forge a relationship that may end up being maintained for a long time.  No one knows how stressful your job is better than the people who share that stress with you.  

-Consider beginning a martial arts or yoga class.  Martial arts can help build assertiveness and confidence.  Yoga can help with flexibility and breathing.  Getting some physical activity can help diffuse stress too.

-Take a weekend getaway with your spouse (without the kids!).  Reconnecting with your significant other after working a lot of overtime can be a reward for all your hard work.  Heading to the ocean or the mountains, or a lake can be therapeutic for body, mind, and soul. This will be very beneficial as you seek to achieve personal wellness.

-Listen to your favorite music.  Studies show that listening to uplifting music can improve your mood and even improve your attitude. 

-Play some board or card games with your friends or family.

-Take vitamins to bolster your immune system.

-Get a massage.

-Practice good sleep hygiene.  Often when we are stressed we have trouble sleeping.  Maintaining a regular bedtime and morning waking routine can help you beat stress and maintain a healthy emotional immune system.  Personal wellness can be achieved, and your sleep hygiene is an important part of staying emotionally well.

-Watch a funny movie.

-Eat healthy foods (lots of fruits and vegetables.)

-Limit your alcohol consumption.

-Maintain a positive mental attitude.  Fostering positive mental fitness will help you secure personal wellness.

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