Pharmacy Aides

Pharmacy aides carry out administrative duties in pharmacies. Usually aides are cashiers or clerks.

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They usually carry out clerical duties like stocking shelves, handling money, answering phones, and other jobs as designated by pharmacists or senior pharmacy technicians.

Some states have a bit of overlap in the job titles/duties of aides and pharmacy technicians. Aides usually work with and interact with pharmacy technicians on a daily basis.

At the pharmacy I work at, the aides usually do the intake of prescriptions.

Pharmacy Aides:

  • accept prescriptions,
  • ask if the person has gotten prescriptions at our store before,
  • ask if their address/phone/prescription insurance is all current,
  • ask about any medication allergies,
  • and give the current wait time if the person will be waiting in our waiting area.

The responsibilities of aides at the store I work at include:

  • light cleaning,
  • filing of original and phoned in prescriptions,
  • filing of narcotic prescriptions,
  • greeting and assisting customers,
  • ringing up customers at the register (processing credit and debit cards and handling cash),
  • and asking a pharmacy technician or pharmacist for assistance when necessary.

Aides (just like technicians) will refer all questions about prescriptions, health matters, and information about drugs to a pharmacist.

Sometimes retail pharmacy technicians will start out as aides. Working as an aide is a good way to “get your feet wet” in the pharmacy field.

Often their skills as an aide give them a good grounding in how a pharmacy works.

It definitely gives them a head-start on delivering excellent customer service.

It gives them a “bigger picture” vantage point and gives them the advantage of developing better problem solving skills as a technician.

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