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Registration with your states Board of Pharmacy is most likely the minimum prerequisite for employment for work in the United States of America.  A growing number of State Boards of Pharmacy are also requiring national certification with a BOP approved pharmacy technician certification organization, for example, the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) or other certifying organizations designated by the BOP as approved.

Pharmacy technician registration is fairly straightforward.  Simply go to your states Board of Pharmacy website, download the registration form, fill it out, and return the form to the BOP with any associated fee that they may charge.  After that, you should be receiving some sort of communication from the BOP as to whether they have approved or denied your application for registraction.

Now BOP registration is different from licensure.  Most, if not all states in the 50 states in the USA require pharmacy technicians to be licensed in order to regulate the industry from bad actors, or to ensure the safety of patients, or for other reasons.  Questions regarding why your state chooses to utilize registration and/or licensure of pharmacy technicians can be directed to your states Board of Pharmacy, as they are the experts and they know the laws, statutes, and regulations and oftentimes, the rationale for the laws, statutes and regulations pertaining to the practice of pharmacy in your given state.

You can check out my page on State Boards for some additional state specific information, however, if you want more information than I have provided, you know where to go to find it :)

If your particular state is not listed yet on the State Boards page, you can try googling your state and the phrase, “board of pharmacy.”

The state government website should come up listed in the search engine results.  These websites are usually always indexed by the search engines so that those people searching for the BOP can find the website online.

Some states allow you to download and print out a .PDF document, fill it out and mail it in to complete your registration.

Usually the boards require a fee, and you should enclose this with the form when sending it in.  You may also have the option of submitting the registration online and paying via credit or debit card.  When taking care of this necessary business online, it is often significantly quicker than sending the paperwork and check by US Postal Service mail.  Oftentimes you are saving time twice, as your registration can be delivered electronically to you once your registration and payment has been processed. 

Next, find a job!

Your next step, if you are not yet employed, is to find a job. Visit the Job Boards to search employment opportunities.

Check out Becoming a Pharmacy Technician for my personal recommendations on preparing for your future career.

Your Career Change and Career Tools HQ are two websites with lots of relevant content. There is more information about both websites, as well as links to both of them on the link here: Technician Career Resources

This knowledge can prepare you with an idea of your dream job. You should have a goal, a position as a pharmacy technician that is your target position. You can uses this on your resume so that employers have an idea for what your ideal desired position is.

On pharmacy technician resume I have a sample resume and another link to a valuable website, both as resources for preparing a resume.

If you are just trying to find more information about the pharmacy field, checking out Pharmacy Aides.

It will give you an idea of their roles and responsibilities in case you are not ready to become a technician just yet.

Pharmacy Technician Settings discusses the many different choices techs have for employment, including the military, retail, mail order, IV compounding and many others.

My page on Pharmacy Technician Salary will give you more information about how much technicians usually make.

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