The Canada Pharmacy Technician & How Pharmacy works in Canada

Pharmacy Technicians in Canada

Currently, there is a high demand for Canada pharmacy technicians.

There are many contributing factors leading to this high demand.

The first factor is the marketplace cooperation when it comes to cross-border exchanges.

The second are the increased options in acquiring prescriptions through venues such as mail order companies and even online pharmacies.

If you have an interest in medicine, becoming a Canada pharmacy technician may be the best career move you take. Like the United States, individuals may acquire the position of a pharmacy technician without the possession of certification.

However, in today's competitive job market, most pharmacies, medical facilities, and doctors that hire technicians require that they do have certification.

Canadian Pharmacy Technician Certification The test for the Canadian pharmacy technician certification is administered by the "Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada".

Many may also refer to it as the "PEBC".

If you are interested in participating in this examination, it is absolutely essential that you understand that there are requirements involved in the certification process.

These requirements start with eligibility.

Based on the standards and requirements in the certification the eligibility standards are as follows--if you are interested in a direct type of admission - you must meet one of the following:

  • You must have a diploma verifying that you have graduated from an education curriculum designed for aspiring pharmacy technicians that is Canadian based. The diploma must be considered accredited. The accreditation acquired must be by the program referred to as the "Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs".

  • You must have a reputation of success when it comes to the "Pharmacy Certification Exam" as administered through the professional organization called "Ontario College of Pharmacists".

  • You must have what is referred to as a "Successful Standing" from the professional board identified as "Pharmacy Technician Certification Board of Alberta".

  • Once you have acquired the certification, you should proceed in the enrollment of the program offered by the "Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs".
    This is often identified as "CCAPP" for short.
    This is similar to the Federal Drug Administration in the United States as it often works to regulate the prescription drug market.
    However, it is important to note that the US Federal Drug Administration often works in conjunction with Canada to ensure patient and consumer safety when it comes to prescriptions.

Knowledge Requirements for Canada Pharmacy Technicians

There are many different types of knowledge requirements for Canada pharmacy technicians.

Naturally, individuals pursuing this career field will need to have a broad, working knowledge regarding prescriptions.

However, it is also essential to have expertise in the area of processing information that is directly related to patients.

There are many secretarial type duties involved in the work of Canada pharmacy technicians.

First, it is important to know and understand how to create files on records relating to patients and to maintain those files on a regular basis. Additionally, technicians must be proficient in taking prescriptions, and ensuring that they are authentic and follow the legal guidelines as outlined by the Canadian government.

Once a prescription is considered to be legal and authentic, pharmacy technicians in Canada must select the prescription from those that they have in stock.

They will read the information on the original prescription to create an appropriate label on a computer and print that label out and place it on the bottle or other container that the prescription will be housed in. From there, the prescription will be weighed, counted, mixed, and/or measured for accuracy based on the doctors orders given to the patient.

Seeing that patient safety is the goal of medical care, the pharmacy technicians in Canada will finalize the prescription and release to the patient with proper documentation regarding the instructions for the prescription as well as the warnings that come with that particular prescription.

Canada pharmacy technicians are also responsible for maintaining various parts of the pharmacy in which they are employed.

The following outlines various items which require continuous maintenance in the workplace:

  • Patient Information

  • Inventory

  • Drug Information

  • Proper Packaging

  • Proper Storage

  • Proper Dispensing

  • Medical Supply Storage

Patient education is also an essential role when it comes to pharmacy technicians in Canada. It is important to communicate with several professionals as well as patients on a daily basis. The role of a pharmacy technician should place a high level of importance on ensuring the proper care and overall well-being of those that elect to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy.

Close collaboration with pharmacists and continuing education in prescriptions, warnings, recalls, and general care is highly important when it comes to pharmacy technicians in Canada.

Prescription Insurance in Canada

Pharmacy technicians in Canada should have a working knowledge of the prescription insurance plans offered throughout the country.

There are many different types of insurance that patients may use to cover the expense of their prescriptions, or at least a percentage of them. These include those offered by the federal government for those that are qualified to be in certain groups, as well as third party insurance carriers.

Then, there are programs offered in various territories or provinces that offer benefits directly related to prescriptions. If you want to pursue this career field, it is important to learn as much as you can regarding prescription insurance plans.

Earnings for Pharmacy Technicians in Canada The earnings for pharmacy technicians in Canada are determined by many different factors.

The first is if one holds an actual certification and if they have attended a school for pharmacy technician work.

Next, wages are determined based on an individual's overall level of expertise in the field.

Also, the territory or province in which one works as a pharmacy technician plays a role in how much they make annually.

On the average, one typically brings home approximately $25,000.00 annually.

However, highly trained and experienced pharmacy technicians in Canada can make as much as $48,000.00 annually depending on their location.

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