Pharmacy Technician Pay Raise

Asking for a pay raise is an uncomfortable topic for most people.

It's easier to simply go along with things the way they are and assume that the company will give you a raise when you deserve one.

But companies aren't often motivated by what's good or what's fair, they're motivated by profit.

As such, they often only offer token annual raises in the effort to keep workers marginally satisfied.

Here are some general strategies that will help you ask for a well-deserved pay raise in your career as a Pharmacy Technician.

-Be a good employee. Show up 10-15 minutes early everyday, work the weird shifts no one else wants. Learn the procedures of your pharmacy as well as you can and make the extra effort to be kind and friendly to everyone you deal with.

Pharmacies are customer-driven businesses but there's also a lot of technical knowledge that is needed. In addition to this, you have your role as an employee of a corporation. Balancing and excelling in all these different roles will make it easy for your boss to say yes when you ask for a raise.

Most people focus on one aspect of a job, rather than looking at all of them. Technical information is great, but you also need to be outstanding at customer service. And all your work being friendly and helpful will be for nothing if you're also consistently late to work. Strive for excellence in all of these different areas.

-Become a Certified Pharmacy Technician. Take the time and show the initiative to study for and pass the PTCE.

Many companies will pay for this certification either in part or in full for their employees. This is a big signal to your boss that you're a serious and committed employee and that this is a career for you, not simply a job.

And lots of pharmacies automatically give a raise when you become certified, without even having to ask for it. There is a lot of excellent study material available to make passing the PTCE easier for you also. And the extra studying will only make performing your daily tasks easier as you learn more about pharmacy regulation and information about various medications.

-Be prepared. Look at what other Pharmacy Technicians are making at pharmacies in your area. When you decide the time is right to ask for a raise, make an appointment with your boss.

Show some planning and professionalism. And focus on how you contribute to the company and why you've earned a raise. Avoid trying to use things like personal expenses to justify why you should receive a raise.

We all want more money, but that's your responsibility. Stay focused on how you contribute to the success of your pharmacy and you can make this a positive conversation and make it easy for your boss to say yes.

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