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NonSterile Compounding Question: Clindamycin 2% in Aquaphilic Ointment-How many Caps needed? 
A prescription reads "Clindamycin 2% in an aquaphilic ointment; 60g. Apply to the affected body part twice daily." The pharmacy stocks clindamycin 150mg …

Day Supply Question: 3/4 tablet every 6 hours-#35 
3/4 of a tablet every 6 hours with #35 quantity is how many days worth?

Diphenhydramine Liquid Days Supply Question 
You have received a prescription for diphenhydramine 12.5 mg/5 ml, dispense 240 ml. The patient is to take 50 mg po tid. What is the day's supply for this …

Do I have to retake the PTCB Exam when I move to another State? 
I currently live in AZ but plan on moving to IL. Do I have to retake the ptcb when I move to another state?

Do Mail Order PharmTechs have to Compound and/or Deal With Insurance? 
I've been searching for a new pharmacy technician job and I was wondering if mail order pharmacies have to compound or deal with insurance related problems …

Do I have to retake the PTCB every two years? 
I live in Arizona and according to our state board of Pharmacy I have to renew my license every two years. Does this mean that I have to retake the PTCB …

What do DPC and RACKS mean at Rite Aid? 
I'm working with Rite Aid in the pharmacy and they couldn't tell me what DPC stands for in their Nexgen program, also I need to know what RACKS means. …

Needles and Compounding 
My work was genius enough to give a new hire authority in the IV Room, with no prior hospital experience whatsoever. Along with this we hired 5 new …

A Question About Being a Licensed Pharmacy Technician. 
I want to be a pharmacy technician. I have a medical background and training. Do I have to take the pharmacy technician course in order to take the certification …

ncpt pharmacy technician 
I am trying to find out the CE requirements for renewing my Arizona State license. It is due in October and it varies from the national requirements for …

Pointers/Tips on Understanding Walgreens' Intercom Plus Computer System 
Can anyone with a working knowledge of Intercom Plus give me some pointers? I am only being given one day a week work because the pharmacist says the …

Liquid Motrin/Ibuprofen Days Supply/Dosing Question 
Take 1/4 oz of Motrin 4 times a day for 5 days. There are 6oz in the stock bottle. How many doses are in the bottle?

prescription vs medical note 
Hi I was wondering if you went to see a doctor and got your prescription but missed an exam on that day, can the prescription be used as a medical/sickness …

A Question About Medicaid Coverage and a Refill Too Early Rx 
I have medicaid. If its popping up refill too soon can I have the option to pay out of pocket? Answer: Yes, usually, as long as the medication is not …

New Tech at Walgreens: I Need Help with Handling Insurance Problems... 
I just started working at Walgreens and I don't know what half of the insurance problems are like what steps am I suppose to take in order to resolve them, …

show the solution to convert teaspoon to tablespoon

Maitaining original prescriptions  
how long must a PA pharmacy retain an original prescription?

Are DEA Numbers Required On All Prescriptions? 
Is it required that a DEA number be on the front of a prescription?

question about abbreviation 
What does EPS mean? This is on a script for medication for Parkinsons Disease.

question about percentage strength 
efudex cream is 5% flurouracil and is available in a 25g tube. what would be the new percentage strength if in the compounding lab, you added an additional …

legal right with doctor and patient and pharmacy 
i was wondering if a pharmasict got the wrong idea one day when someone bout a pill crusher and was waiting for a couple of hours for his ride and they …

What is OU? & Eye Pain Meds? 
What does "ou" stand for as in eye drop application?

If I become a pharmacy tech in the army would i have to fight?

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pharmacy technician exam 
I am looking for a tutor to help me prepare for the pharmacy technician certification exam. I live in area code 85373. Can anyone recommend a tutor?

Is Asworth College Pharmacy Tech Accepted In Arizona? 
I just enrolled in Ashworth College Pharmacy Tech classes and just found out it is not accepted in some states. Is Ashworth College accepted in Arizona? …

Licensed Pharmacy Technician 
I am a licensed Pharmacy Technician here in Los Angeles, California. My license is up for renewal until the end of the month of June 2011. Since I am …

Disposal of Unused Prescription Drugs 
Where can we get rid of unused prescription drugs?

Tech certification exam 
Could you please tell us the dates that the tech certification exam will be? Thanks

Army Pharmacy Specialist 
Do I have to go in war to become a Army Pharmacy Specialist? What are all the schools I will have to go to, to become a Army Pharmacy Specialist?

Mail Order Pharmacy Question 
do you have to be standing all day? How much math is involved?

Army Pharmacy Specialist 
1. Do you have to be in the military before you can become a Army Pharmacy Specialist? 2. Some schools to go to for becoming a Army Pharmacy Specialist? …

Refill too soon after a disaster 
If a disaster is declared in Florida and a person walks into a pharmacy in New York, claiming he was caught in the disaster, has lost his meds and needs …

chemotherapy preparation requirements 
I can find nowhere the answer to the probable per state regulation question: "Does the preparation of chemotherapy infusions REQUIRE a certification …

Tech check Tech programs  
Technician checking technician programs require how many doses before certification. Also, how many months to be intially certified.

Can my grandmother get a 2 day early refill on her Ritalin through AARP?

A question regarding becoming a tech 
I am currently a Certified Pharmacy Technician in Portland, Maine. I am thinking very seriously of moving to Vancouver, BC, and would like to know what …

A question about Course length 
how long is Tech School in the Air Force for a new Pharmacy Tech?

What is the difference between Oral and Vaginal Tablets? 
i want to know the difference between the oral tablets and vaginal tablet

question about taking the exam 
Can you just study on your own (for the national certification exam) and take it without having to go through an online course?

a question about e-prescribing for schedule 2 through 5 drugs 
Are e-prescribed rxs valid for controlled substances(3-5) in Connecticut?

IV compounding certification 
Are there any resources available in Orleans or St Tammany parish for IV certification?

pharmacy tech student 
How many pharmacy technicians practice in CA?

I'm a pre-pharamcy student. I need volunteer hours in the pharmacuetical field. Where can I find places in my area where I can take the PTCB? Whats the …

pharmacy tech 
how do you become a member?

Certification in Canada Not rated yet
If someone is a Certified Pharmacy Technician in the United States, can they be certified to work in Canada?

Walgreens Intercom Plus Sales Reporting Not rated yet
Is there a way to make Intercom Plus (Walgreens software) report on sales to cash-paying customers?

What Could Happen to the Pharmacy if a Tech Omits the DAW Code? Not rated yet
What are issues that could happen if a tech doesn't enter the DAW codes into the computer system while filling a prescription, and what possible penalties/problems …

When Would a Tech Perform Temperature Conversions? Not rated yet
when would a pharmacy technician need to perform temperature conversions?

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Change of Employment and Notifying the Board of Pharmacy Not rated yet
What do I do when I terminate with one pharmacy and beging working at another pharmacy? How do I get registered with the Board with my new pharmacy? …

What Are The Most Common Prescription Insurance Rejections? Not rated yet
What are the most common problems with claims being rejected in a pharmacy setting? Answer: -Filled After Coverage Terminated (Customer no longer …

Question about Certification Not rated yet
I am certified in the state of North Carolina and just recently moved to Pennsylvania. Is there something that I have to do to be qualified in Pennsylvania? …

Narcotics in the office setting Not rated yet
What are the regulations and compliance requirements for dispensing narcotics in the office setting?

What does OBRA stand for? Not rated yet
what does OBRA stand for? Answer: OBRA stands for the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. There are 2 of them in recent history: OBRA …

a question about nuclear pharmacy tech Not rated yet
What programs are available for nuclear pharmacy techs?

Question on Pravachol 40mg and Days Supply Not rated yet
40 mg of Pravachol daily many dosage in 90 day supply? Answer: #90 pills of Pravachol 40mg would equal a 90 day supply of medication. For …

What are the Two Legal Classifications of Medication? Not rated yet
What are two broad legal classifications of medications in community(retail) pharmacy? ANSWER from PTR: In the US, there are only two legal classifications …

How does Canada Certify Pharmacy Technicians? Not rated yet
If you are PTCB certified in the US is it recognized in Canada? Answer: Canada has their own certification/testing organization and process for pharmacy …


I.V. awareness in compounding Not rated yet
What does a technician need to be aware of before, during, and after compounding an I.V.?

pharmacy tech student Not rated yet
why is it important that the parenteral administration route be sterile or prepared aseptically?

question on assignment Not rated yet
I am trying to identify errors in aseptic techniques assignment. She piled several syringes and needles in the hood as well as several vials of various …

NPI  Not rated yet
Do pharmacy technicians need a NPI? Answer: No. The pharmacy they work at needs one. More information can be found at NPI Numbers.

Out of practice for a while... Not rated yet
I currently posess state and national cpht certifications, and haven't worked in the field in about 4 years. Although I have remained in the medical field …

Prescription expiration Not rated yet
From what date is a prescription valid? The date it is written or the date it is entered into the computer? Answer: The date the prescriber writes …

writing 12 hours Not rated yet
How do u write 1 every 12 hours? Answer: 1 q 12 h


Pharmacy Tech CE Not rated yet
I want to keep my PT Tech license current even if I am not working in the field in case I have an opportunity in the future to pursue. I want to know if …

Refresher Courses for Certified Pharmacy Techs/ Internships Not rated yet
Ive been out of the Pharmacy working world for months and would love to take some accredited classes,and or pay for an internship in a hospital pharmacy. …

How Can I Get My Career As A Tech Back? Not rated yet
I have been licensed as a pharmacy technician since 1994, and received my Cpht status in 2005. I went through a rough patch about 2 yrs ago due to divorce, …

Pharmacology Not rated yet
When a drug is given IV rather than orally, it eliminates the need for what? Absorption or Metabolism?

question Not rated yet
would like to know what it takes to become a pharmacy tech in training?

dosage question Not rated yet
In giving patients creams how do I calculate the dose if there was no measure supplied with the gel or cream?

Clinic Manager Not rated yet
Can controlled substance prescriptions for Doctor Office patients be faxed to a pharmacy? It is ok with the DEA for Provider Offices to FAX controlled …

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Pharmacy tech to be Not rated yet
How do you calculate days supply, and what is the maximum quantity allowed if the 3rd party plan has a 21 day dispensing limitation? Answer: Please …

A question about drug mg ? Not rated yet
What is the difference in 0.112mg in Synthroid and 100mcg in Sintrocid from Mexico? Would this be the same dosage? I would check with the pharmacy you …

certification Not rated yet
Do I need to be certified in Michigan?

question about license acceptance Not rated yet
was wondering if the ashworth pharmacy tech license is accepted in florida,i was told that florida would not accept the license so i called the school …

nasal drops Not rated yet
Why should nasal drops be taken after meals? (nasal drops containing ephedrine hydrochloride 0.5% w/v) Answer: Phyllis, can you tell me more about …

let me know about Iv pharmacy tech in my area.indianapolis Not rated yet

supervision of a doctor or specialist Not rated yet
Can a pharmacy tech work under the direct supervision of a doctor or specialist M.D. ?

days supply Not rated yet
If I have a script of 90 Tramadol and the sig says "take one every 6 hours" how many days supply is that? I'm coming up to like 22. Am I right? Answer: …

A question about differing state laws  Not rated yet
I hold a national certification(PTCB) and also a Utah state license as a Pharmacy Technician. I recently moved to Arizona and am having a struggle finding …

c-2 script  Not rated yet
How long is a C-2 script good for in Arizona? Answer: I do not know the specific Arizona state law regarding C-2s. While I have quoted from Federal …

What is the latest in automated technology/products in development for phamacies? Not rated yet
What is the latest in automated technology/products in development for pharmacies?

learning impared  Not rated yet
I thire help for ,people with learning problems. Answer: Sorry, but I am not sure I understand your question.

A question about filling an out of state prescription Not rated yet
I am moving from Mississippi to Pennsylvania. My doctor has written a prescription with 12 refills. Will I be able to fill this prescription in Pennsylvania? …

student/ pharmacy tech/uei Not rated yet
Pharmacy Dilution Problem Solving Examples , please

TBDRP Not rated yet

Mark Jacobs RPh Not rated yet
Where can I get a list of all current BIN numbers in use? Who issues BIN Numbers?

Quantity Sufficient as Directed Not rated yet
What does qsad mean?

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