question on assignment

by Marsha
(east texas)

I am trying to identify errors in aseptic techniques assignment. She piled several syringes and needles in the hood as well as several vials of various medications for prescriptions that had to be prepared. I don't think this is the right way, too many mistakes are likely to take place. What is the correct way or procedure? Also, she selected several small-volume bags and put those in the hood next to the syringes and began removing the caps to the vials. She assembled a needle and syringe, pulled out appropriate volume from one of the vials, and immediately injected it into a small-volume bag. This doesn't all sound right either. Is putting several small-volume bags in the hood next to the syringes a correct procedure? Is removing more than one cap at time to a vial right? Is assembling a needle and syringe and then pulling out the volume from one vial right? Does anything need to be done before pulling out medication from the vial?

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