Calculating Adjusted Body Weight in Elderly Female Patients

by Sherri

Calculating Adjusted Body Weight

Calculating Adjusted Body Weight

What is the adjusted body weight in kg for a 67 yr female weighs 292 lb and 5'8" tall?

I went by the formula they had in the book but I'm not coming up with answer they got which is 132.72 kg.I am getting 183.82.

Here is what I have:

45.5 + 2.3 x 8= 63.9
292 /2.2=132.7 or 133
(132.7-63.9 x .2)+63.9= 183.82
what do I do to get the 132.72?

Please walk me through this!!

For those who aren't familiar with this for females the formula is 45.5 +2.3 kg for each inch of patient's height over 5 ft and 100+5 lb for each inch over 5 ft

Adjusted Weight=(ABW-IBW)x 0.2+IBW

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by: Robbi

One reason for the discrepancy is that you've figured 2.2 pounds for a kilogram. The actual figure is 1 kilogram is 2.20462 rounded down because its under .05 so it goes to 2.2 rather than 2.3.

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