Daily Maintenance fluid needs for pediatrics (Holiday-Segar method- long version)

by Sherri
(Raleigh, NC)

Calculate the total volume and hourly IV flow rate for a 3500 g infant receiving maintenance fluids.Infuse __________mL at ____mL/hr.

I've converted 3500 g to 3.5 kg.How do I calculate the 100 mL/kg/day for first 10 kg of body weight,50 mL/kg/day for next 10 kg of body weight and 20 mL/kg/day for each kg above 20 kg of body weight?Do I use 3500 or 3.5? The book says 2 and 23. How do they come up with this?Can someone walk me through this?What do I put for 100,50, and 20?

Calculate total volume and hourly IV flow rate for a 13 kg child?How do I set up the 100,50,20? the book says 80 and 6,How can I get these answers?

Calculate....25 kg?How doI set up 100,50,20?How do I get 120 and 3 like the book has?

Calculate....8800 g child?How do I set up the 100,50, 20?How do I get 880 and 35 like the book has?I converted 8800 g to 8.8 kg.

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