How much dextrose would be in 100 ml of water of D50W?

Sugar Water & Salt Water Make You Better...

Sugar Water & Salt Water Make You Better...

D5W is 5% dextrose in water

NS is normal saline which is 0.9% sodium chloride in water

These are just two of the types of IVs you may get when you go to the hospital. That's right, sugar water and salt water make you better.

Now, what does % mean exactly? 5% means there is 5 grams of dextrose in 100 ml of water. So, in a 1 Liter bag (1,000 ml) you would have 50g of dextrose. NS is 0.9% which is 0.9g in 100 ml and a Liter would have 9 grams of sodium chloride in it.

How much dextrose would be in 100 ml of water of D50W?



There would be 50 grams of dextrose in 100 ml of water.

This is equivalent to 25gm/50ml, which is how the preloaded bags come.

D50W is a caloric agent used to quickly increase levels of blood glucose in the body. D50W may given in the hospital setting or by paramedics in an emergency situation.

Some reasons why D50W may be given: a) low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), b) seizures (of unknown origin), or c) brain swelling (from excessive fluid) associated with eclampsia.

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