Duties and Responsibilities of the Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Some job duties and responsibilities of a Hospital Pharmacy Technician include (but are not limited to):

  • Transporting prescriptions and pharmacy equipment (for example, IV’s, injectables, etc) to clinics or nursing floors.

  • Answer, screen, and triage phone calls.

  • Compound specialty prescriptions like creams, gels, ointments or solutions.

  • Fill a short-term supply of medications for patients being discharged from the hospital.

  • Maintain narcotic medication inventory and routinely audit narcotic usage records.

  • Compound TPN (total parental nutrition) solutions.

  • Help in training new pharmacy technicians.

  • Help other technicians in the pharmacy.

  • Fill and make ready drugs used in the treatment of cancer.

  • Handle insurance and third-party billing.

  • Repackage bulk medication stock into individually packaged units.

  • Carry out other duties and responsibilities as directed by the hospital pharmacist or hospital management.

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