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The Alaska Board of Pharmacy website contains useful information for technicians practicing in the state of Alaska.

Currently, the state has standardized regulations in place requiring the certification of Pharmacy Technicians who want to work there.

Alaska State Board of Pharmacy Website

This page has some general information about who the Board is staffed by and what they do. Then, the professions regulated by the board are listed.

Below that, license applications in .pdf document form are available for download, including one for pharmacy technicians.

Alaska technicians must pay a fee for a technician license, as well as an application fee, and their application must be notarized.

On the license application .pdf, the Board outlines requirements for obtaining a pharmacy technician license.

The license application .pdf document also includes information about what duties pharmacy technicians are allowed to carry out, as well as the duties pharmacists and pharmacist interns are permitted to carry out.

Further down on the Boards home page, "Statutes and Legislation" are defined and explained. More .pdf documents are available on these subjects.

The address, phone number and fax to the Board are below:

Alaska Board of Pharmacy

Sherr Zinn, Licensing Examiner

PO Box 110806

Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Phone: 907-465-2589

Fax: 907-465-2974

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