Mail Order Pharmacy Technician

A Mail Order Pharmacy Technician works in a growing area of the pharmacy job market at a centralized mail order pharmacy.

Mail order pharmacies are growing very rapidly, due to lower overhead and operating costs and a larger customer base than a typical local retail pharmacy.

This means the role of pharmacy technicians that work in mail order pharmacies is a little bit different than that of a typical retail pharmacy.

The first big difference of course is that your communication with customers is all done through mail orders or online orders.

This makes this pharmacy technician job much more solitary than when you're working behind a counter at a retail pharmacy.

And depending on the size of you operation, you may have a wide-range of co-workers to interact with, or be left relatively on your own. This is an important factor to think about, one you should consider carefully.

Think about what you enjoy about jobs you've had in the past. Do you work well with little supervision?

Do you enjoy face to face interaction with customers, or are you happy to take a role that puts you behind the scenes?

What a Typical Day is like for a Mail Order Pharmacy Technician

The typical day working as a pharmacy technician at a mail order pharmacy will consist of:

  • receiving a block of prescription orders to be filled,

  • reading and verifying the prescriptions for accuracy and completeness,

  • sorting and counting the medication,

  • labeling the prescriptions and double-checking for accuracy,

  • preparing the prescriptions to be mailed to the customers,

  • receiving new orders throughout your shift and processing them as well

The Benefits to Working as a Mail Order Pharmacy Technician

The benefits of working in a mail order pharmacy can include:

  • higher wages,

  • better benefits,

  • and more flexible work schedules.

You may also have more downtime while on the job, depending on which shift you choose and how busy the mail order pharmacy is.

This could make it easier to do things like study while you're at work, to advance your education and career in the pharmacy industry.

If you're working on a degree in pharmacology, this type of flexible schedule could be good to fit in both classes and time to study and work on homework.

Job-growth estimates show that within a few years, there will be over 500,000 positions for pharmacy technicians in the United States.

This field is growing much more rapidly than the average industry, and this allows for lots of possibilities to find a position that suits you especially well.

If you work well on your own with little supervision and enjoy being behind the scenes instead of out and in front of the customers, I highly recommend looking into a career in a centralized mail order pharmacy.

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