Pharmacy Technician Educators

This page talks about the different possible career paths for Pharmacy Technician Educators.

The job market for Pharmacy Technicians is growing very quickly in the United States.

This means there is also a growing demand for Pharmacy Technician Educators to help train and educate Pharmacy Technicians.

This page will look at a few different ways this can turn into a career for you. And we will also cover how these various jobs are similar to and different from each other.

The first thing is to identify the different points in the career of a Pharmacy Technician as it grows over time.

Pharmacy Technician Educators Teach People Who Want to Become Pharmacy Techs

The first big step of course is when someone decides to become a Pharmacy Technician for the first time. This means they'll be applying for jobs at a local retail pharmacy.

One way to help educate this group of people is to work at a vocational or technical college. Pharmacy Technician training programs are becoming very popular at technical colleges around the country, due to the huge growth rate in this career field.

Typical salary range for this type of position will be in the $40,000-$60,000 range annually.

Pharmacy Technician Educators Help Pharmacy Techs Become Nationally Certified

The next likely step in the career of a Pharmacy Technician is when they decide to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician. This means they will have already had substantial on the job training and experience, and they'll be studying to pass a certification exam from one of the major companies.

This group of people will be looking for all kinds of help studying for these exams. Everything from textbooks, workbooks, private tutoring, practice tests, or exam review seminars would be a potential job for someone who wants to educate Pharmacy Technicians at this stage in their career path.

As someone who has already passed the exam, you're in a perfect position to help the next group of Pharmacy Technicians prepare for the exam also.

The salary range for these positions will vary, depending on exactly what it is you're doing and also whether you're doing it full-time, or in a more part-time capacity.

There's also no standard annual salary for authors, so if you write textbooks or workbooks, you'll make more money by selling more books.

However, someone who was dedicated to building up a high-quality program to provide great educational value here could easily make in excess of $100,000 a year, possibly even more.

The key points here will be to provide a product that is very high quality, to a market that is very hungry for it.

And you already have a hungry market, due to the large number of Pharmacy Technicians and the testing fees to take the certification exam.

Pharmacy Technician Educators and Tutoring

If you choose to provide tutoring to people preparing to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam, you'll have to determine how much to charge on your own.

Standard tutoring rates can run anywhere from $25 an hour to $100 an hour, depending on how much value you provide. The typical person preparing for the PTCE is likely to spend about $200 on textbooks and workbooks, along with the $129 to take the test.

So they're already making a significant investment to take the exam, it's up to you to decide how much more people will be willing to spend for one on one tutoring with someone who has already passed the exam.

Developing a solid reputation here will be a big determining factor in how well you do if you pursue this aspect of educating Pharmacy Technicians.

Pharmacy Technician Educators & Seminars

If you choose to teach a review seminar for people preparing to take the PTCE, you'll have to try to set a price and seminar size that makes it worth your time, but also allows you to provide good information to the people who sign up for your seminar.

If you can design a seminar package for $100 that holds one hundred people, that's $10,000 per seminar.

Of course you then have to pay for the location you use, along with any marketing costs and materials you hand out during the seminar.

But running one seminar of that size every few months could be a great way to help educate aspiring Pharmacy Technicians as well as make some extra money doing it.

People are very willing to pay for personal training, especially when learning a new job field. The main thing is to not under-price your seminar just to try and fill it up. If you provide good information and a fair price, you'll find plenty of willing attendees.

Pharmacy Technician Educators & Corporate Training

The last type of position we'll discuss is working directly with a pharmacy or multiple pharmacies. This would be a professional development position for either a chain of pharmacies or as a consultant.

Here you would be working with Pharmacy Technicians while they are at work, or at training sessions paid for by their employer.

Wal-Mart runs a huge chain of pharmacies in their retail stores, and they have already agreed to pay for their Pharmacy Techs to become Certified Pharmacy Technicians.

This commitment to educating their employees also means there is a job opportunity available here for you.

On the job training and review, company sponsored tutoring and study sessions, or even secret shopper type review work would all be things you could do in a job like this.

Companies in the United States have realized that pharmacies are big business and only getting bigger, which means they're interested in ensuring their employees are getting the best training possible.

Due to the new and emerging nature of the Pharmacy Technician career field, there is no one single answer to how best to educate them.

This means you have the ability to choose one area to focus on and specialize in becoming the best instructor or educator in that single area. Good luck to you and all your future students!

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