Bromfenac(bromday) 0.09% When can I get a refill?

by Angelica
(Orcutt, CA 93455)

Eye Drop Prescription

Eye Drop Prescription

I am to instill 3 drops into both eyes 3 times a day. Received prescription, of 3 bottles/vials, on 16 Mar 18 and need to know how to figure how long before getting a refill?

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Jun 23, 2018
Date of Bromday Refill Unclear--Contact Pharmacy for Date
by: David

The main factors in when this rx will be available for refill is, one, how large is the size of the eye drop bottle (2.5ml or larger?), and two, what days supply did your pharmacy put in the computer and transmit to the insurance? This would be the main, most important factor.

Long story short, if you want to know when your medication can be refilled, call the pharmacy which filled it the first time. They will either already have this information, or will be able to attempt to fill the rx and then will be given access to the date on the computer.

This date will be figured from information based on the original fill, which your pharmacy entered originally.

So, three bottles, multiplied by (size of each bottle?) multiplied by 15 or 20 drops (1ml of eye drop usually translates to 15-20 drops). Then, take that number and divide it the maximum drops used each day. This number of drops used each day will be the prescribed amount of drops per day. This number does not include any drops which missed the eye(s) in the attempt to place them in the eye, etc.

So this number would be: 3 drops times 2 (each eye) times 3 (times a day) = 18 drops/day.

Thanks for the question!

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