Do Mail Order PharmTechs have to Compound and/or Deal With Insurance?

by Trevor
(Toledo, Ohio, North America)

Mail Order Techs: Do they Compound/Deal with Insurance?

Mail Order Techs: Do they Compound/Deal with Insurance?

I've been searching for a new pharmacy technician job and I was wondering if mail order pharmacies have to compound or deal with insurance related problems (insurance rejections, explaining doughnut hole/coverage gap to patients, contacting the insurance companies themselves, etc.)? I just want to know if a mail order job would be a good fit for me.

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Yes, Mail Order Techs deal with Insurance/Some have to Compound
by: David

Working for a mail order pharmacy is a great career choice. Most mail order pharmacies do not have to compound IV medications unless you are a specialty mail order pharmacy. In that case, you would have to compound IVs.

Most mail order pharmacies are owned by major Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) companies (ie. major prescription insurers.) So you would really only have to know how to process the insurance information for one insurance company.

Most of the major insurance company mail order pharmacies process 90 day fills of prescriptions for maintenance drugs. Usually they instruct the patient/customer to get 2 rxs from their doctor. The first one is a 30-day supply prescription. This one is filled at the customers local pharmacy, to be used while the other prescription is being mailed in, filled, mailed back to patient. The second one is a 90-day supply prescription which is mailed/faxed/transmitted to the mail order company.

Most mail order pharmacies offer a 24 hour 1-800 phone number so you can talk to a pharmacist anytime you have a question regarding your mail order prescription. This service is advertised on many major insurance companies websites. You can also reach the pharmacy via online messaging or email. Or, if your question is not urgent, you can send it in via "snail mail".

Specialty mail order pharmacies generally fill expensive injectable or oral medications. These meds are usually for chronic conditions which have a higher complexity to their treatment. Some disease states/conditions that are treated in this manner include HIV, anemia, immune deficiency, and growth hormone.

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