How many days supply?ARE MY MEDS FOR??

How many is a days supply of hydromorphone 10mg?
1-8mg tab & 1-2mg tab(s) every three hours for pain..#90pills... how many days are they supposed to last you? Because I think 🤔 that my doctor is lying and making me suffer!!??

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Sep 01, 2022
Good Luck!

1) 8mg tab + 1) 2mg tab = 2 tabs
3 times per day x 2 tabs = 6 tabs daily
Quantity of 90 tabs divided by 6 tabs daily = 15 day supply

Sep 28, 2021
18 days supply, but it really depends on a lot of factors
by: David

If you are taking two prescriptions of 90 pills each, every three hours and you are only taking them while awake (most people are only awake for 15 hours or less each day) then the math on this is the following:

90 pills divided by 5 (which is 5 doses each separated by three hours = 15 hours awake) = 18.

You didn't mention if the doctor said to use them sparingly, which many times doctors do say that so you use them only when you are in really extreme pain. You also didn't say whether the dual prescriptions had a "PRN" on them, meaning if the directions were only to be taken "as needed" which many narcotics such as hydromorphone often have on the prescription. In the case of a PRN prescription, or even a normal non-PRN prescription, the doctor may say, "I want this prescription to last x days". If that is what the doc says then that is what the pharmacy has to put for the days supply but the doc has to put that written on the prescription.

Ultimately, you should ask your doctor how long he intends for this prescription to last you. If you don't want to ask him because you don't trust him, try asking the pharmacy how long it should last you until you can fill another prescription. You really should have a doctor who is in your corner and helps you. I would recommend finding a different doctor if you think he is lying to you and adding to your suffering.

Take care and feel better soon!

Hope this helps! And thanks for the question!

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