How many grams of Antipyrine should be used in this Pharmacy Math Problem?

Ear Drop Pharmacy Math Problem

Ear Drop Pharmacy Math Problem

Antipyrine 5%
Glycerin ad 60 ml

Sig: gtt v in right ear tid

How many grams of antipyrine should be used in preparing the prescription?

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Pharmacy Math Problem
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3 gms of Antipyrine Is Needed to Prepare the Prescription
by: Robin

Antipyrine and glycerin are used with benzocaine to treat middle ear infections and its symptoms. These symptoms include congestion, pain and swelling as antipyrine is a pain reliever that reduces pain and swelling. Glycerin helps soften earwax so that it can be easily flushed out of the ear while benzocaine is a topical anesthetic that provides pain relief.

There are many brand names for glycerin and antipyrine eardrops, such as Auroto and Auralgan, it is available in solution form and contains 5% Antipyrine and 60 ml Glycerin. 3 gms of Antipyrine is needed to prepare this prescription.

This is calculated using the method of proportion where to solve for ‘x’ gms of Antipyrine, 60 ml has to be multiplied with 5%. So {(60 x 5) / 100} = 300/100 = 3gms.

How to use

You have to lie on your side or tilt your affected ear upward to insert the eardrops. It’s better to hold the earlobe up and back to help the drops easily roll into an adult’s ear. However, in the case of children, the earlobe should be held down and back.

While it’s better to keep the head tilted for 2 minutes to ensure the drops reach the middle ear, you can also insert a soft cotton plug. The same procedure can be repeated for the other ear if directed by your doctor. Do not rinse the dropper and do replace its cap after use.

It’s better to have another person insert the drops to avoid the dropper touching the ear and getting contaminated and to ensure the right amount of medication is given. Moreover, to lower the risk of possible dizziness, it’s better to first hold the container in your hand for a few minutes to warm it. Apply the eardrops only after washing your hands.

Antibiotics may also be prescribed

These eardrops are used for treating ear pain caused by otitis media. However, before using these eardrops, you should inform your doctor if you have allergies to foods, dyes, animals, antipyrine, glycerin, benzocaine and other medicines. Also inform your doctor of any ear surgery, ear injury or ear drainage you suffer from.

If you use over-the-counter versions of the drug, first read the label carefully. Do not use the drops if you have a hole in the eardrum. Do use the medications as prescribed by your doctor. Antibiotics may also be prescribed with the medication if you have an ear infection.

Some Final Considerations

If the drops were prescribed to remove earwax, gently flushing your ear with warm water using a soft rubber bulb after a few days of treatment helps remove any residual earwax that remains. The drops should not be used in the eye.

Do not use if the drops have turned brown in color or contains particles. Do inform your doctor if the condition persists or worsens after a few days of treatment.

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