How soon can I refill my Lyrica?

by Jen
(Lexington ky)

Medication is Lyrica, last prescription filled was for a 90 day supply on 1/18/19. How soon can I pick up my current 1month supply.

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May 29, 2021
Kroger Rule not good for patient with a morning med.
by: Anonymous

Won’t let me fill one day before so I have my medicine in the morning? I just switched to Kroger because great price on good RX coupon. That’s a huge plus. However I have a 30 day supply of pre-Gabalin I have always been able to get it one or two days before the last 30 day so I have it in the morning I take one every a.m. and one every p.m. Saturday morning hoping to pick it up later that day and was told she can’t even put it in system till Sunday morning and I can get it around noon.

Common sense tells you if you take iam med you would need to have it when you wake up. It’s not an opioid I could understand it for that maybe that’s still one day ahead if the person wakes up in pain they would need their medicine the day before even with opioid. It’s not like getting it one day before is going to make a huge difference in someone who is using appropriately or if they’re taking too many it’s not like they tried to get it filled 15 days early.

So I guess maybe it’s just a pharmacy a Kroger rule. Other pharmacies in my state will allow me to get it two days prior to running out.

I guess it varies from place to place, I don’t know the rule for opioids because I don’t need those. For a pre-Gabalin most pharmacies will let me get mine on the 28th day two days before it runs out.

Healthcare needs to get back to what is good for the patient and not making rules for everyone based on abusers. I am a nurse and I know that there is a database to check and see if people are getting opioids somewhere else. Thats a great idea.

My neuropathy is much worse at night so when I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is take my pre-Gabalin and my BP medication.

Kroger wouldn’t allow me to get it until day 31. They need to rethink this if they care about their patients. Right now with the great price I am getting with GoodRX I’ll just have to wake up with numbness and tingling in my feet and my hands and my side and run to Kroger at noon so I can get my a.m. medication.

This month 30th day fell on a Saturday so I can’t even get it early in the morning. Sunday they open later. If my 30th day fell on a Sunday then I wouldn’t be able to pick it up until 5pm Monday because I would have to go to work before the pharmacy was open. Take care of patients. That’s what a pharmacy was created for. Getting medication one day before you need it isn’t going to control abuse anyway!

Apr 23, 2020
Contact the Pharmacy which fills your Lyrica
by: David

Differing states and different pharmacies have specific laws and procedures for the refilling of controlled substances. It is best to check with the pharmacy which fills your Lyrica to determine when they can refill it next. Since it is a controlled substance, there may be only a short window of time before you run out of your medication in which the pharmacy will refill it.

Thank you for your question!

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