Is changing phone phone number on profile a HIPPA violation?

We had someone come in to drop off a prescription for their friend, not for themselves. They confirmed all of their friends information AND asked for their phone number to be added onto their file as they would have to be picking it up for them aswell. The customer that the prescription was for came in at a later date very upset, saying that they had no right to add their phone number. Is this a violation?

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Jun 18, 2020
by: David

HIPPA has to do with the disclosure of personally identifying health information to a party or parties who are not authorized to receive this information. In this case, the customer's information was already known by the customer's friend. Presumably, none of the customer's information was disclosed to any party in an unauthorized way. In this case, it was an addition to the customer's profile. It is a very simple thing to fix, just take out the friends phone number. However, if the friend was called when the customers prescription(s) were ready, and the medication(s) names were shared or any other type of other communication was made to the friend about the customer's medication(s) or disease state(s), then that would be a different issue entirely, and that may likely be a HIPPA violation.

Thank you for the question.

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