by MIrria
(Oak Harbor WA)

I am new to the health/prescription insurance world. My question is:
When an insurance company rejects a claim with:

Denied code 22 missing/invalid DAW/product selection code

What is it exactly saying??

In the billing box, the DAW is blank. Are they wanting me to pick a code even though I don't know what the prescriber wants/indicated?

How do I resubmit with the hope of receiving a payment?

Thank you.

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Denial Code 22/Invalid DAW/Product Selection Code
by: David

22 M/I Dispense As Written (DAW)/Product Selection Code

What this denial means is that the BRAND MEDICALLY NECESSARY INDICATOR/DAW CODE is INVALID. It sounds to me like you may be processing the wrong DAW code for either a Brand or generic drug.

According to a PDF document from https://www.ce-prn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/072019_DemystifyingPharmacyInsuranceClaim.pdf

"Improper DAW Code Submitted: As stated previously, pre and post edits can assist in catching this error, but many pharmacies get chargebacks because of improper documentation of a DAW 2 (patient requests brand). If the patient does ask for brand and DAW 2 is submitted, a statement to that effect must be on the face of the hardcopy."

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