Osmolarity/Hospital Potassium Infusion problem (3 Part Question)

by m alam

Potassium Infusion - Hospital Setting Pharmacy Question

Potassium Infusion - Hospital Setting Pharmacy Question

At 3:00 P.M., a pharmacist received an order to add 30 mEq/L of
potassium chloride to the already running intravenous fluid for a
patient. After checking the medication order, the pharmacist found
that the patient is receiving a 5% dextrose/0.9% sodium chloride
infusion at a rate of 85 mL/h and that the patient’s liter of fluid was
started at 1:30 PM.7
(a) Assuming that it took 30 minutes to provide the needed
potassium chloride to the floor nurse, how many milliequivalents
of potassium chloride should have been added to the patient’s
running IV fluid to achieve the ordered concentration?
(b) How many milliliters of an injection containing 2 mEq of
potassium chloride/mL should have been used to supply the
amount of potassium chloride needed?
(c) What was the osmolarity of the infusion with the potassium
chloride added? Assume complete dissociation of the sodium
chloride and potassium chloride.

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