Pointers/Tips on Understanding Walgreens' Intercom Plus Computer System

by Sunbreak

Can anyone with a working knowledge of Intercom Plus give me some pointers? I am only being given one day a week work because the pharmacist says the store is high volume and Walgreens doesnt have the hours to train.

I could use help with learning the sequence of steps to take with the main function keys used: F2, F6, F7, F9 I believe. Want to know how to do the main things that seem to snag me when I am answering phones and at the drive-thru.

Thanks so much



I'm hoping visitors to this site who have had experience with Intercom Plus may be able to answer your questions more effectively.

What is Intercom Plus?

Originally named Intercom, the proprietary software which is now called Intercom Plus was created in 1981. It was the very first of its kind, a large scale computer system for a retail pharmacy. Intercom Plus software depends to a large extent on VSAT or satellite broadband internet.

The broadband satellite connects more than eight thousand pharmacies together. This links together the pharmacies, systems and specialty stores and pharmacies. This allows them to share medical information about patients and drugs to provide a safer environment in which to operate for client and pharmacy worker.

The VSAT link which connects all of the pharmacies set Walgreens as the number two store chain to be reliant upon satellite data transmission in the world. (The number one user is the United States government.)

The IntercomPlus software is a highly advanced, learning style software which allows the staff of the store to focus on the care of the patient rather than on "the logistics" of the pharmacy. There is a very seamless interaction, nearly instantaneous communication from store to store which permits one Walgreens store to fill a prescription which was given at another store hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. The prescription is instantly taken care of and the allergies and other issues that may affect the client for whom the medication is meant for will be taken into account.

History of Intercom Plus

One of the ways in which Intercom Plus revolutionized the pharmacy industry is that it allowed pharmacists to care for the welfare of their patients in nearly an eyeblink, with the records on file allowing them to know that they were not harming a patient by giving them medication to which they might be allergic or have had a previous reaction.

Getting a prescription filled at any Walgreens around the country is literally no different from having it filled at the original site of entry for the prescription. It is written in Team Developer, which is an invention of the former General Manager of the Oracle Corporation, Umang Gupta, who is also responsible for SQLWindows (it is a programming language that is used nearly specifically for building applications for business.) In the later portion of the 90's the company became Centura Software prior to filing for bankruptcy in 2001.

What Intercom Plus Does

Walgreens Intercom Plus system is not only a means of communication between pharmacies, but is also a Team RX or pharmacy software. Further it includes the settings for the laser or thermal printers, allocates savings for the pharmacy and the patients, helps to manage the inventory of the pharmacy and is an email server for the Walgreens corporation as well as serving in an advisory capacity as regards to prescription compliance and cost savings.

Who Uses Intercom Plus?

The use of Intercom Plus is one of the requisite skills for working at a Walgreens. There are several modules available in the store which will help you to learn the skills needed and the key sequences necessary to use the software effectively.

Being proprietary software used only by Walgreens, the necessary information for a teaching unit on this software is not available online and should it be so, we would be unable legally to publish it.

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Insurance abbreviations
by: Anonymous

Have your senior tech write down the abbreviations the bin no.any any other info such as grp info needed or not keep this in a pocket size note book for quick reference

some F keys
by: Anonymous

F2 is your work queue. This will allow you to search that status of prescriptions in system. You can do this by patient last name, prescriber last name, rxn. So when a patient comes to pick up a prescription, this is where you'd look first. When the correct patient comes up, you can also view the status of their prescription in terms of filling and it it's stuck due to an exception.

F9 is the register patient button. This allows you to enter new patients into the system, check patient information, alter patient information, access all the prescriptions filled with Walgreen's stores at any location, etc. This is where you'd update refills and anything like that.

F1 is the enter a new script button. This is done after a prescription has been scanned in or sent by the prescriber. This is the step where the tech will copy the information into the system and send the script off to the pharmacist to approve before being filled.

Insurance abbreviations
by: Anonymous

Trying hard to learn the abbreviations for all insurance carriers. Any thoughts?

Nice Tips
by: Anonymous

Nice and Interesting Post,
Thanks for sharing!

F2, F9,F6, F10
by: Tyler

F2 Main search Patients last name, to check on new prescription status, F9 entering in a new prescription, using the patients date of birth or last name, F6 to type in a rx number just for a refill. F10 medication look up, pricing, brand name, and generics as well as drug class.

Intercom Plus
by: Sunbreak

Thanks much!

Walgreens Intercom Plus Sig Codes
by: Anonymous

Here is a collection of Sig Codes found online which are used in Intercom Plus:

+ = takes place of "take one tablet po", "take one teaspoon po", etc.
aa = to the affected area
ac = before a meal
ad = right ear
aea = in affected ear(s)
aey = in affected eye(s)
apr = apply to rash
asd = apply sparingly with each diaper change
atn = at night
au = both ears
b = before
bid = twice daily
bre = breakfast
c = capsule
cnc = cough and congestion
cou = for cough
csw = chew and swallow
d = daily
dh = diarrhea
dnt = take four tablets (capsules) one hour before dentist appointment
ext = externally
fid = five times daily
gts = drops
gtt = drop
h = hours
ha = headache
hs = at bedtime
i = insert
ien = in each nostril
inl = inhale
ivb = insert one applicatorful vaginally at bedtime
ivs = insert one suppository vaginally at bedtime
im = in the muscle
lea = in the left ear
ley = in the left eye
mcd = may cause drowsiness
n = nausea
nos = nostril
nv = for nausea and vomiting
od = right eye
oes = on an empty stomach
os = left eye
ou = both eyes
p = for pain
pa = patch
pc = after meals
pfs = puffs
po = by mouth
pra = as needed for anxiety
prf = as needed for
prn = as needed
prnp = as needed for pain
q = every
qam = every morning
qd = every day
qhs = every night at bedtime
qid = four times daily
qod = every other day
qpm = every evening
r = rectal
rea = in the right ear
rey = in the right eye
rec = rectally
sas = swish and swallow
slp = sleep
sob = shortness of breath
ss = one-half
sc = under the skin
sup = suppository
sw = shake liquid well
swr = shake well and refrigerate
t = tablet
tat = until all taken
tea = teaspoonful
tes = teaspoonsful
tid = three times daily
tk = take
tls = tablespoonsful
tnt = one tablet under tongue as needed for chest pain
ts = tablets
u = use
unt = under the tongue
va = vaginal
vag = in the vagina
woj = with orange juice
xd = times daily
cs = capsules
dr = discard remainder
tay = today
wc = with meals

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