Requesting my treatment plan a HIPAA violation?

by Christine

There is a pharmacist at the Walgreens that I go to, who is being very unprofessional. She yells at me. Tells me that my medical problems aren't good enough for my pain medicine. She demands that get off of my pain medicine. The last time I went in there, she wrote on a post-it note of the information that she wanted from my doctor. She wrote, "Treatment plan and surgery history". I was told that she's not suppose to know that information and that it's against HIPAA regulations. Is it against HIPAA regulations and how do I report her?

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Dec 27, 2019
This information is not against HIPPA
by: David

Most narcotic pain medication needs to be justified. This pharmacist is just making sure that she is dispensing medication that has a medical justification. I see no problem with you providing this information. If you have a legitimate reason to be prescribed the medication, why not provide it?

Narcotics have a higher addiction and abuse potential. The female pharmacist is just doing her due diligence.

It also sounds like this is not an isolated incident; meaning that perhaps there is more to the story and to your history with this Walgreens and these employees.

You can always try to complain to Walgreens at the corporate level. I would try to work things out with this pharmacist if I were you, though.

As an aside, it is also best and highly recommended to get all of your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy so that they know that taking them all together are safe and effective.

Good luck in your quest to resolve this conflict. I do not, however, consider this a HIPPA violation, especially if your medical and surgical history has not been provided against your consent.

Thank you for the question, Christine! Best of luck!

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