Xanax Filled on February 23rd

by Private

I had my prescription for 90 Xanax 1
Tablet 3X Daily filled February 23rd
When is the earliest date for my refill?

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Whenever your pharmacy says it can be filled
by: David

Hello Private,

Thank you for your question. Since I didn't fill your prescription, and I don't work for the pharmacy that filled your Xanax, I am unable to tell you when your specific pharmacy will allow you to fill it again.

Only your pharmacy can tell you when it can be filled. I would be a fool if I told you a date. Pharmacies have the discretion to fill or not fill CII-CV prescriptions. It is best to have and use only one pharmacy for all of your prescriptions as they can often catch mistakes or possible drug-drug interactions with other medications they've filled for you. If you use multiple pharmacies, the left hand doesn't always talk to the right hand.

Why is it so vitally important for you to get a second-party verification of when you can get your Xanax? Xanax is a controlled medication, which has abuse potential, and individuals who take Xanax and other drugs in this class, and CII's must be monitored more carefully as these drugs are addictive and there is a tendency for patients to want to take more of them than they should.

Ask your pharmacist when you can get your prescription next. Open and honest communication goes a long way to building an open, transparent, and candid relationship with the pharmacist who doesn't make more money by talking to nor does he lose money by talking to you. In fact, maybe he actually does lose money by talking to you because pharmacists only have so much time. But it's their job to counsel and give medication advice. That's what they trained to do. And most of them do their jobs really well. And consulting your pharmacist doesn't cost you anything except your time and your honesty.

If you are struggling with addiction, there are resources available to you and there is tremendous courage displayed if you reach out to your provider and share your struggles. It's not an easy road to be on, but with determination and the right type of help, these types of conditions can be overcome.

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